Preventative maintenance and real time monitoring are the best ways to keep issues from becoming expensive problems. Aeneas Managed Services can remotely provide many of the functions a full time IT staff offers at a fraction of the cost. Already have an IT staff? We can free them from time-consuming and repetitive maintenance tasks so they can focus on projects that will help you grow your business.



Local area network MANAGEMENT

Most organizations do not have an on-site support engineer managing their network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Aeneas Managed Services we can save you significant time and money by remotely monitoring critical network functions at all times.

With Local Area Network Management, we can configure and remotely monitor all of your important network systems (email, servers, routers, available disk space, backup applications, critical virus detection, and more). If our technicians detect a problem, we take corrective action. Depending on prearranged instructions from your company’s management, we'll correct the problem immediately, wait until the next business day or simply notify you of the issue.

Aeneas Managed services helps to ensure your network is always reliable and available, even during off hours or when your engineer is not on site.

Aeneas proactively monitors your desktop, fixing the majority of technical issues automatically, before major problems arise. Tasks such as performance tuning, disk space monitoring, anti-virus scans, software updates and more are done in the background, leaving your performance unaffected. If a problem is detected, our Help Desk is notified and corrective action is taken - most of the time without a user even realizing they had an issue.


Some of the features of our service include:

  •          Remote network monitoring
  •          Automated alerts
  •          Preventative software patch management
  •          Software license management
  •          PC performance tuning
  •          Monthly reports  

Our technical consultants can troubleshoot the vast majority of desktop computer issues as if they were standing right there beside you.


Viruses can cause a wide variety of problems from slow operation to crippling data loss and information theft. Aeneas keeps your computer protected from security threats with ongoing virus protection.


Regular software updates and patches help to close security holes and keep your computer running at its optimal level. We take care of these tasks for you so you can be confident your company’s software is always up to date.


Aeneas Managed Cloud Backup

Don’t let traditional hard drive failures endanger your business any longer. Protect your investment with our Managed Cloud Backup Services. We provide secure offsite backups as well as mirrored local storage for your important files or business critical documents.

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